About us


Who we are:

We are Glitch Cupids, a UK registered limited company trading curated indie fashion items to a global audience, founded in 2023. We provide excellent shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts who don't have access to Asian logistics, payment methods and communications. 

Our inspiration:

Our curation takes inspiration from early 2000's Japanese street fashion, indie zines as well as 90's Hong Kong cinematographic aesthetics. We are also interested in the nuances of contemporary styles and intrigued by the evolvement of micro-trends.


What we do:

More than just drop-ship, we curate every piece that suits our taste and perhaps yours. Each fashion item's original descriptions and materials are observed and scrutinised. Each "pair well with" section is hand picked by us rather than the algorithms. Hopefully, we can provide a unique personal shopping experience for you.  <3


About contextulisation:

East Asian fashion aesthetics and designs are not homogeneous, ranging from Japanese visual kei to Korean acubi style. There are some new exciting genres too, such as Neo Chinese, a reinvention and reinterpretation of the traditional cultural identity. There are other interesting discoveries that we'd like to share with you in our blog posts in future. 


About pricing:

All prices are final. The pricing takes into account of the work we do, in terms of sourcing from the designers and brands, copy editing, translating, logistics, as well as website maintenance. 

Thank you for reading this far :3

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via online chat box or email.


Glitch Cupids.

Email: info@glitchcupids.com